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Pressure Washer Pump Vertical Shaft AR 2800 psi RMW2.5G28EZ-SX Annovi Reverberi

Pressure Washer Pump Vertical Shaft AR 2800 psi RMW2.5G28EZ-SX Annovi Reverberi

Pressure Washer Pump Vertical Shaft AR 2800 psi RMW2.5G28EZ-SX Annovi Reverberi
AR Annovi Reverberi RMW2.5G28EZ-SX. By far the question we are asked the most is how to tell which pump the customer has. AR does label their RMW pumps but they do not mark on that label whether it is the EZ or the EZ-SX pump. There are two ways to tell which pump you have.

The first way is to look at the direction your inlet and outlet tube face in relation to where the spark plug is located. If the tubes go out the same side as the spark plug then you have the EZ version. If your inlet and outlet tube come out opposite the spark plug then get the EZ-SX version of the pump. The second way to tell which version you have is lay the three legs of the pump flat on a table with the inlet and outlet tube facing you.

Look at the legs of the pump and take note of the leg that has large hole in it. If that leg is positioned at 2 o'clock then you have the EZ version. If it is at 7 o'clock then you have the EZ-SX version.

Item number for the 14 Surface Cleaner. This surface cleaner works great for these smaller pumps. Item number for the RMW2.2G24EZ-SZ: 280800874061. Item number for the Key to connect the motor shaft to the pump shaft. Item Number for Pump Saver: 251379161001.

Item Number for 25' Pressure Washer Hose. Item Number for Pressure Washer Nozzles: 261031769192. Item Number for Chemical Injector Line. How To Determine What Pump the Customer Needs--Vertical Shaft.

1 Is your pump a vertical shaft or a horizontal--vertical shaft pump is under the motor and the horizontal shaft is on the side of the motor--a vertical shaft motor for pressure washers usually has a 7/8" shaft and the horizontal motor for the smaller pumps is usually a 3/4" shaft. As you increase in horsepower the crankshaft goes from 3/4" to 1" or larger on the horizontal shaft motors. 2 If you have a vertical shaft pump what horsepower is your motor?

If you have a a 3.5 to 6.5 hp motor which will produce 1900 psi to 2550 psi then we recommend the RMW2.2G24EZ or the RMW2.2G24EZ-SX depending on the direction the tubes go out. If they come out the same side as the spark plug then you will need the RMW2.2G24EZ.

If the tubes go out opposite the spark plug then you will need the RMW2.2G24EZ-SX. 3hp to 6.5 hp---1900 psi to 2550 psi---RMW2.2G24EZ or RMW2.2G24EZ-SX. 6.5hp to 7.75hp---2550 psi to 2700 psi---SRMW2.2G26EZ or SRMW2.2G26EZ-SX. 7.75hp to 8.75hp---2700 psi to 3000 psi---RMW2.5G28EZ or RMW2.5G28EZ-SX.

3 The exception to the rule is if you have a crankshaft that is 2 or longer. If that is the case they will need the RMW2.5G26D-F7. Tubes go out spark plug side------ EZ version of the pump.

Tubes go out opposite the spark plug-----EZ-SX version of pump. Note: While there are cheaper replacement vertical pumps out there not all pumps are the same.

Can you get parts for your pump if something minor goes wrong? In our repair shop we have worked on thousands of pressure washers. Our biggest problem we face when the cheaper pumps come in for repairs is if we can get parts for them - and many times the answer is no. All the pumps we sell we can get parts for (even if they are made overseas) or have them in stock.

Direct Replacement for most vertical shaft pumps. Pump mounts directly to motor and inlet and outlet tube goes out of the frame on the opposite side the spark plug is on.

2.5 gallons per minute at 2800psi. Bolts directly to 6-7.25 hp motor with 7/8 crankshaft at 3400 RPMs.

Comes standard with chemical injector and built in unloader. You simply remove your old pump and bolt the new one on. We list the item number for you to copy and paste to quickly find their listings. If you have the Devilbiss oil-less "bowtie" pump you will also need the key to connect your motor crankshaft and the pump shaft- the link is below. We also have pump saver which is used to protect your pump from corrosion.

Also listed below are the correct size spray tips for your pump and 25' pressure washer hoses rated at 3200 psi. More than likely we have it. We have been working on pressure washers for more than 20 years and can help you troubleshoot your problem. Because we sell at our retail location and in other places on the internet we sell hundreds of items per week and there are times when we will back order items while waiting for our new stock to arrive.

Exceptions may occur only when customer provides P. Box and not a physical address. Damages: If an item is damaged, please inform the driver and contact the carrier immediately. Also, take notes of the damage and pictures of the item and box. Damages will be handled immediately but credit cannot be given until the item is received.

Feedback: Feedback is very important to us. Good communication will fix most problems.

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  • Model: AR RMW2.5G28EZ-SX
  • Power Source: Vertical Shaft
  • MPN: RMW2.5G28EZ-SX
  • Brand: Annovi Reverberi AR North America

Pressure Washer Pump Vertical Shaft AR 2800 psi RMW2.5G28EZ-SX Annovi Reverberi